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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka reenact the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp



Après by thecaptainsoiree (imogenbynight)

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When the angels stop falling and Castiel makes his way out of the trees, he finds himself alone and oceans away from the Winchesters. For once, Dean flies to him.

Betty's Review

Where do I even begin? I mean, the author is a master of setting and tone, first of all. I’ve never been to Paris but now I feel like I’ve been there. An extension of this talent is the way she carefully weaves the emotions of Cas into his newfound humanity. The vulnerability while he’s waiting for Dean at the airport made my heart physically hurt. Because I’ve been there before. I’ve been alone on the road before in other countries with nothing on my side but the kindness of others. It’s tough and it’s scary as fuck, and she embodied that feeling perfectly.

And the fluff of this piece. I mean, this is the gold standard of fluff. This is everything romance is, balled up into twenty-five thousand words and handed to us for free. The author gave us happiness manifest in our favorite two boys falling in love in Paris.

My favorite part is when Cas is rotating through the languages. I think I read that part over about five times, hovering over each little phrase to see the English translation (genius, by the way… multimedia/technology in prose is such a wonderful thing). 

If I keep going, I’m gonna get philosophical, so I’m just gonna leave this here. I know you’ve all already read it, but I wanted to make it a little gifset because it’s just so pretty. All of it. 

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…i’m going to cry.

Person: Scale of 1-10 how dramatic are you?
Me: Phantom of the Opera overture


demon!dean S10 still from Black


You can’t convince me this raccoon isn’t elegantly playing the deepest sonata you’ll ever hear on a avant garde harp


so the thing that surprised me most in the itunes promo was the “sammy let me go” note

like he’s a demon now so i expected him to leave something way more immature than that—i thought it’d be something like

and sam being like “……………..he’s fucking alive”


Celebrating Supernatural - 
23 Day Countdown Challenge
Day 20 - Episode 4
Theme - Dean Winchester's Journal

Charlie died today.

Zeke brought her back. She chose to leave. And my life is a really bad joke.

But it’s for the best, right? Now she’s getting that adventure she was looking for. It was the right choice for her to make for herself. Especially because all the lions and tigers and bears out there ain’t half as dangerous as sticking around here. Out there.. she has a much better chance of not ending up dead because of me. Again.

Also today, I figured out that I’m delusional because I’m the only one who thinks the bunker is our home. Sam says that this where we work, like we’re friggin business partners, not family living under the same roof. He looked me in the eyes and told me that he doesn’t know what a home is, that he never got to have what I had with mom and dad. And isn’t that just a sonuvabitch. It’s one thing trying to convince someone that it’s okay to let go and to settle down for a minute. It’s another to spend your entire fucking life trying to do everything you can to make that person feel like they have a home. I’ve tried. I’ve tried so fucking hard to give Sam what I had. That’s all I ever wanted for him, and mom was gone and dad was never there, and it was on me. And I was just a freaking kid, but I just thought that if I could be his home, it would be enough. But it’s not. And I failed him. And I destroyed every chance that Sam ever had of building that life for himself. Because I’m selfish. I know that. I didn’t want to be alone. 

But here I am anyway - alone. And Sam’s spouting all this bullshit about being happy, but he still can’t even find it in himself to put up a fucking poster? Sometimes, I really wonder how much of the shit Sam says is really him and how much of it is Zeke kissing my ass. Hard to tell because I put that fucking angel in the driver’s seat. I did this. Everything.. I’m just angry and I’m so fucking tired of lying and failing everyone that I care about.

Fucking Cas.. I can’t save everyone. And I try, so goddamned hard. But all I do is screw it up. They all end up dead. And I don’t give a fuck that I have an angel in Sam’s back pocket that swoops in the save the day because it doesn’t change the fact that I keep watching people I love die on me and I’m just fucking dying with them. I’m drowning in my own goddamned choices and feelings and all of this noise inside me is driving me fucking insane. I just.. I just want silence. Calm. That’s all I want. Whatever it takes. 

I did this. I got myself here. I gotta clean it up.

Someone once told me that the only way to keep on living, to keep on doing the job, is just to decide to be fine and to do it with a smile, because at least you’re still alive. And that’s what I’m gonna do. I have to. I have to be fine. I have to.

I have to.

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actual plot twist: supernatural season 10 is now the folgers commercial


I’m sorry.